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Background & History

The South Lynden Watershed Improvement District  is located in the central lowland area of Whatcom County, adjacent to and in the floodplain of the main Nooksack River within WRIA 1. The area is predominantly agricultural, comprising mostly dairy farms and fields. The closest city, Lynden (pop. 12,900), borders the WID to the north. A significant proportion of the soils in the South Lynden WID have been classified by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service as Prime or Prime if managed5. The WID area encompasses 12,991 acres in total. The WID area includes portions of significant tributaries to the Nooksack River: Kamm Creek, Scott Ditch, and the northern part of the Wiser Lake/Cougar Creek watershed. These tributaries and other drainages are included in Water Resource Inventory Area 1 (WRIA 1). The WID contains two other special purpose districts within its boundaries, whose primary purpose is to improve and maintain drainage of agricultural land within those portions of the WID. These are Drainage Improvement District # 5, Diking District #3 and Consolidated Drainage Improvement Districts #20 and #21 

Board Members

Landon Van Dyk - President  


Jeff De Jong


Ed Blok    


Rod Vande Hoef 


Juan (Pablo) Esquivel 

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